Import/Export data via dashboard

I’m wondering if there is a convenient way to import/export data from web UI?

I saw there was such a feature but was removed and since that time it didn’t come back after repeated requests: GitHub - parse-community/parse-dashboard: A dashboard for managing your Parse Server Apps

They are not available yet. I remember I sent PRs to Parse Server and Dashboard a long time ago (some years) but it turned out never being merged. I can take a look again and prepare new PRs.

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Thank you, I hope it will be merged and built.

Let me know, I’ll review PR :smiley: help it move along

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This could be done in a 2 stage process:

  1. Build and refine the API in Parse Server
  2. Build the Dashboard UI that interacts with the API

We have the same approach for the recently added Parse Server Security Checks. The advantage is that the API has some time to mature before building the UI, and the feature is programmatically available from day 1. In addition we introduced API versioning for Security Checks, to account for future changes where old API versions can be phased out by deprecation.

Any news on the feature?

I didn’t find time to work on that yet, but that’s the old PR:

There is a long discussion around that should be re-examined. If you want to open a new PR with this code, that would be a good start.

I appreciate the offer, I don’t think I can handle it. Im not being modest, just I don’t know much about parseplatform or JS/Typescript. I decided to use parseplatform for my hobby project and export/import feature is extremely useful to me. But I don’t think I can do technical side of the platform.

In the meantime you can also export import directly on MongoDB using mongodump mongorestore.

Thank you! I’ll try it out.