Improvements in the running of the forum

For those of you that used our previous forum I’m sure you will be wanting to hear what we are doing to ensure that we don’t suffer from serious data loss again.

Please rest assured that this is just as important to us if not more so than it is to you. I personally spent more time updating the forum, responding to questions, moderating content etc than almost any other user.

Below are the measures already in place to prevent a repeat of this unfortunate event:

  1. Daily backups of the entire forum contents (previously weekly).
  2. Backups stored in a separate S3 bucket (previously stored locally to the Discourse instance).
  3. The Discourse instance completes daily snapshots.
  4. I personally receive any updates about the instance and billing information via email and SMS.
  5. All bills will be expensed on our open collective, making it easier to see that bills are being paid regularly.

Other planned measures:

  • All core contributors will have access to all relevant hosting accounts.
  • I will also maintain recent daily backups with another cloud provider

If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to ask :slightly_smiling_face:

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