Installing ParseServer on AWS Windows Instance


Can anyone point me to a doc on how to install ParseServer on a Windows AWS Instance?

I have used ParseServer on Linux Instances but I have a requirement where we need a Windows Instance so I need to install parse server on the Windows Instance with Node.js.

Thank you for any help.

I found this article: Installing your own parse-server on Windows | by Cristi Ursachi | Medium

It is an old one but the steps should be similar.

Parse Server is essentially an Express.js middleware. So, if you also search for Express.js on windows tutorials, the steps should be similar.

Yes, thank you. I did see that article and it helped a lot. Actually, I got it all installed, but I get WARNING, Unable to connect to ‘https://x.x.x.x/parse’.

I was wondering, on Windows, do I need to open any ports or anything to get to the mongo db or the parse server? Also, do I need to enable web services or anything?

Thanks for the help

Yes you should open ports from firewall settings. Ports are blocked in windows by default.

Yes, thank y you. I actually got the parse server up and running, but I am still having a bit of trouble with connecting to the MongoDB and also the Parse Dashboard. But again, I think it may have to do with ports. Also, not only do you need to open the ports on Windows, it appears you need to also allow on AWS. Thanks for the help.

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