Ios Notification over Firebase

Hi everyone,

Is possible to send IoS push notification from Parse over Firebase without needs to configure and use directly APNS on Parse and let Firebase to hadle it


You can try to install Firebase SDK and send the push using it. But why don’t you want to use Parse APNS?

Hi, no i want to delegate all push notification to firebase, I guessed was possible to send IoS push notifcation over firebase directly without using APNs,and let firebase to handle all push notifications

In this case I believe you need to follow Firebase docs, install Firebase SDK, etc…

I’m using directly firebase-admin sdk and bypass parse push system. Here is how I use it in cloud code.

const admin = require("firebase-admin");

var serviceAccount = require("./serviceAccountKey.json");

  credential: admin.credential.cert(serviceAccount),
  databaseURL: "https://YourFirebaseURL"

var message = {
    data: {
      type: 'followrequest',
      username: ""+user.get("username"),
      name: ""+user.get("namesurname"),
      image: ""+ppurl,""
    token: ""+otherUser.get("token")

ServiceAccountKey.json file is required. You can download it from your firebase console.
Go to firebase console. go project settings - service accounts. select node js. In the bottom there is a button to generate new key. Click it and download json file. move that json file into your parse/cloud folder.

You can also find your database url in that page