iOS Parse Server set server url at runtime without application restart

I tried to set a new parse server url while inside the app, but there was no change what so ever.

Parse.server = @""; or [Parse setServer:@""];
NSLog(@"%@",Parse.server); -----> This prints the new server set
NSLog(@"%@",Parse.currentConfiguration.server); -----> This prints the old one set

Also I cannot use Parse.initialize since the app would crash stating that Parse is already initialized…
Was anyone able to work this out ?
Parse iOS SDK version: 1.18

[Parse setServer:url]; is correct.

Parse.server = url; should not be possible and throw an error, as it is a get-only property.

Parse.currentConfiguration.server should point to the new url, if that is not the case, can you please open an issue in the Parse iOS SDK issue list so we can look into it?

I have opened a ticket here’s the link

Thanks for opening the issue. More info on the issue thread.