Is it possible to a user have more than 1 ACL?

I have a cloud code and database that has two types of user, drivers and passengers. They are currently separated collections and also have separate users for each collection (driver of passenger). But today I also offer the possibility to join accounts, like if you’re the same person, there’s no need for having two different accounts, so I delete one and therefore now that person can use just one login to use both accounts, as driver or passenger. But now I have the following problem: other collections’ documents depending on the ACL of the account that was deleted now are not accessible to the joined account, even though it should be. So I have this questions, looking forward to solve this issue:

  1. Is there a way to update multiple ACLs in the db, let’s say, all the ACL of the deleted account and related collections?
  2. Is it possible for a user to have more than one ACL so it can access more than one ACL of other collections ?

I think you would have to write a function for this.

Could “roles” be a solution for your use case? Multiple users can be members of multiple roles (n-n). An object ALC can be a user or a role.