Is it possible to run parse-server on Google Cloud Functions?

Hello Parse Community,

I’ve been running Parse on Google AppEngine since Parse went open source. It’s been easy to update and maintain, but is also quite costly for a website that has ~200K sessions a month. Part of the price is due to my ignorance of AppEngine’s Node.js Flexible Environment. In the litttle I’ve experimented, I found that the default settings in the app.yaml have been cheapest — runs me about $80 / month.

I recently discovered that Google has created serverless services which they call Cloud Functions. Instead of instance hours, they charge by invocations. I’m curious to test the parse-server out on this and see if there are cost benefits. I figured I’d ask the community first to see if anyone else has configured this or found benefits (or pitfalls) with running parse-server as a serverless function instead of an instance (Google or otherwise. I know AWS and Microsoft both provide these services too).

Currently parse is not usable in server less system (aka cloud function), since Parse server has a long init process (1-2sec) it’s not suitable for a server less system. (Hot and cold start will be too long and results in horrible experience on your front app )

Parse need some (little) adjustments to run in this type of environment.

May be you should check if you can have a auto scaling feature on App Engine. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that makes sense. AppEngine automatically scales, but there’s probably some more fiddling I can do.