Is myappID a valid applicationId for Parse Server credentials


Please can somebody help me with this, I am wondering if "appid": "myappID" is a valid applicationId for Parse Server.

I couldn’t connect to my app with Parse Server in aws.


Yes your app id is valid. Seems like you are using android SDK. And your server doesn’t have SSL sertificate. After android 9 (including 9) android automatically blocks unsecure connections(ie. http). paste this lines between application tag in your manifiest file:


Edit: I tested your server but seems like parse is not running in

But look like your parse server is here

When you run parse server make sure your endpoint is working.
You should get this message when your parse server working


Change your code to this


You are great guy. Thanks a million. Putting this android:usesCleartextTraffic=“true” in the manifest resolved the problem.

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