Is Parse SDK JS (React Native) support Offline Sync?

I am considering choosing between Parse Server or Firebase in my React Native Project. I want to choose the Parse Server because it is open source and there is a cloud provider called which will make it easier for me to configure the server without more effort (like scaling, optimization, etc).

Unfortunately, there is still one obstacle for me which is an important consideration. I want my application to be accessible offline for simple read queries. and data that has been stored offline will be re-synced when they are online based on the ID of the document.

Can Parse SDK JS do that?


My React Native Project will be related to Draft App or To Do App.


Oh wow. I just found this on NPM:

I want to make sure again, can localDatastore meet my needs?

JS SDK has local database feature. You can use that. But if you use redux then you can use redux persist. just another option.

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