Is ParseSwift SDK going to replace iOS SDK?

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a new iOS app for some freelance work. I like to use back4app when solo developing projects. I noticed a (new to me) SDK (ParseSwift).

I’m familiar with the iOS SDK and wondered if the ParseSwift SDK is replacing iOS SDK. Should I be starting new projects with the ParseSwift SDK or is it just a preference on which SDK to use?

Thank you for your time,

Hi, we are currently deliberating internally how to proceed with the 2 SDKs.

Your question is on point in that developers are looking for an easy to use, modern SDK that covers the Apple ecosystem. Currently both SDKs have their weak points. The Parse Swift SDK being verbose, complex and missing some features compared to other Parse SDKs, the Parse ObjC SDK requiring conversion to modern Swift, some feature upgrades and general maintenance. In short, we aren’t satisfied with neither one.

Some options we are considering:

  • Convert the ObjC SDK to Swift, upgrade its features and phase out the Swift SDK
  • Improve usability of the Swift SDK and phase out the ObjC SDK
  • Improve and maintain both SDKs, which is rather unlikely given that both cover the same ecosystem

Thank you for the information. I look forward to seeing what the future brings.

Any update on what’s going to happen with this?

We are in the process of comparing the strategies. The last weeks we have made some updates to the iOS SDK so that users who are using it do at least have an up-to-date version that can be easily implemented with Swift Package Manger. Now we are integrating the LiveQuery module to bring that up-to-date. Once that is done we’ll decide how to proceed.