Is Postgres version 9.5 the only supported version?

The Docs states:

The Postgres requirements for Parse Server are:

  • Postgres version 9.5
  • PostGIS extensions 2.3

It will work with Postgres 14?
(asking just in case the docs are outdatedā€¦)

I plan to install Parse on Ubuntu using the

sh <(curl -fsSL

and later on set the databaseURI pointing to posgres.

Hi @Martin , docs are maybe outdated.

You can see up to date compatibility table on the readme: GitHub - parse-community/parse-server: API server module for Node/Express

You can also see here all currently Postgres tested versions by the CI: parse-server/ci.yml at ad5e82f2b7249b3f3187603036876c8d0dd6b433 Ā· parse-community/parse-server Ā· GitHub

I was there just now, I came to update my post when I saw your reply. :smiley_cat:

@Martin, are you open to send a PR to fix this on the Parse Docs repo ? It could helps other developers in your use case :slightly_smiling_face:

I am a fish on GitHub/Git, not sure how to contribute other repos, (I barely can manage my git projectsā€¦ :sweat_smile:)
Also my english is :poop:
So, not sure if I am the one for this taskā€¦

@Martin actually itā€™s really simple :slight_smile:

You can find a tutorial here: How to create a pull request in GitHub

Also my english is :poop:

Parse has english native reviewers for this and can provide suggestions once the PR is opened.

Opening an open source PR is a good experience :rocket:

I am gonna try, I guess I am not gonna break anything :rofl:!

No risks @Martin, the PR mechanism avoid this kind of problem ahaha
See you on the Docs PR :rocket:

(I have no doubt that you can do it :+1: )

Opened on VSCode Ā» Terminal bundle install = Error (Could not find ā€˜bundlerā€™)

gem install bundler

bundle install = Error

gem install bundler:1.17.2

bundle install = Ok

npm install
npm start

I got the project running on local now.
I did find the Markdown files, I will edit them and I will do the PR. (I will do it in 7h, I go to work nowā€¦)

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