Is there a complete example of user register/sign in for iOS sdk

I feel parse does not have enough documentation. Is there a complete example of user register/sign in for iOS SDK?
Also, it looks like this folder has many examples:

However, there is no documentation, so I don’t know exactly how to use those examples.

Our docs website has links to the api references and guides for most of our client SDKs.

Specifically, I suggest taking a look at the signing up and logging in sections in our iOS Guide.

I’ll mention that if you are building a new iOS 12+ app and you plan on using Swift, you may want to consider using the Parse-Swift SDK. Both will work for iOS development, but Parse-Swift has more querying capabilities along with many other features (certificate pinning, 0 dependencies, etc.). On the flip side, the iOS SDK has been around longer, battle tested, and supports local storage directly (but has some known issues with this). With Parse-Swift you will need to implement local storage via CoreData or whatever other local DB you prefer.

Sign up examples as well as many others are in Playgrounds:

The API documentation can be found here: ParseSwift Reference

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This is definitely very useful. I think I will stick with Parse-Swift SDK. Let me see what I will encounter down the road. Thanks