Is there a hook to run some code after a class is created?

There 3 things we want to do after a new class is created on our Parse server:

  1. Set a CLP for the newly created class
  2. Add index to createdAt and updatedAt (don’t even know how to do this right now)
  3. Add a beforeSave to the newly created class to set some default values when records are posted to it

We plan to write a script to do this for all our existing classes, but is there a way to do it when new classes are created?

There is currently no hooks for class creation. Do you plan to create the class via dashboard or API? In the case you are planning to do it via API, you can create a cloud code function that performs all the operations that you need.

Multiple team members are creating classes via dashboard, that is why I’m looking for a hook that can work regardless of how you create it.