Is there a way to directly upload files to S3 using pre-signed URL?

I knew parse server about 8 years ago. I didn鈥檛 start look into it until a couple of days ago.

I did some research, but didn鈥檛 find any documentation or article that shows how to directly upload files from, say, an iOS mobile app to an S3 compatible service using a pre-signed URL.

I happened to see this post from 2017 on Github. FEATURE REQUEST: Support for direct uploading of files to S3 路 Issue #3530 路 parse-community/parse-server 路 GitHub
Not sure what the intent of the original author is. However, that sounds similar to what I鈥檓 looking for.

I found this related doc from AWS S3: Work with Amazon S3 pre-signed URLs - AWS SDK for Java 2.x

This should be a feature in the S3 adapter

Hi dplewis, thanks for the answer. I鈥檓 not really a backend guy.

I had tried parse server with the s3 adapter a little bit, before I created the post here.
And I had tried the presigned URL option as well. That seemed to be only for downloading files.

What I am looking for is uploading.

For example, in this scenario, currently how upload works seems to be:
Mobile app 鈫 parse server 鈫 s3

I guess for some use cases, this is fine.

However, if the user of the mobile app has lots of file to upload and the parse server doesn鈥檛 have enough bandwidth, it would be nice to directly upload files from the mobile app to s3.