JS SDK 3.0.0 Parse.initialize Forbidden

I have just create a new project with the JS SDK ver 3.0.0.

When I initialize Parse I get a 403 Forbidden error.

const Parse = require(‘parse’);
Parse.initialize(“app-id”, “js-id”);
Parse.serverURL = ‘https://myserver-url/parse’;

When I call functions thereafter eg. login, it works fine, it just seems to have that initial error.

Its a svelte project if that helps.

If I use ver 2.19.0 then the same code works fine.

Are you sure you are using the correct keys and serverURL?

Can you try?
import Parse from 'parse/dist/parse.min.js';

I know what this issue is. I’ll open a PR and do another release.

Thank you for your response and feedback.

Its not a bug just a side effect