JSON in response of Parse Cloud Function call in Android

Hi guys,
I am working on an android application where we use Parse Cloud functions.

I want to use JSON parsing libraries like Kotlin SerializationX, Moshi or GSON for json parsing, without doing manual parsing i.e. getting/setting single field.

Is it possible to return JSON from cloud function calls? Or maybe do some conversion on returned object?

So far I have explored the docs and codebase but have not found any solution. I am seeing that this function callFunctionInBackground returns a type T that mostly resolves to a HashMap<String, Object>, or other supported types i.e. DateTime or File. This is not what I want as I’ll have to go through each key-value pair in map to parse it.

I know about sublclassing but I dont want to go that route as again, I’ll have to do manual parsing, getting/setting fields.