Let's plant some Parse Community trees! 🌳

A while ago I came across a project called Treeware which is an offshoot from Ecologi (formerly Offset Earth). The idea of Treeware is to encourage those who use an open source project (particularly when for commercial use) to ‘buy the world a tree’.

We can add a badge in the various repo READMEs which shows a total of how many trees have been contributed. It’s currently repo specific but I contacted the maker of Treeware and he said that he would be more than happy to give us the ability to display an org wide total.

The climate emergency is real and I think it would be great to do something positive as a community and help to encourage others open source projects to get on board. If nothing else it could act as an easy promotional tool as Treeware is currently a fairly small project.




@davimacedo I know we discussed this on slack but I thought I’d post on here as it ended up getting left due to other stuff going on.

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What a cool idea! I would be more than happy to buy a tree through Parse :slight_smile:

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