Live-queries not responding running Quasar (vue) with Parse plattform

I have a parse server running on digital ocean connected with my quasar framework.

Im trying to get my livequerys to work on my parse server. This is what I have done:

  1. ssh into digital ocean and added the class for the livequery in mine docker file:

    - PARSE_SERVER_LIVE_QUERY={"classNames":["MyClass"]}

  2. Init the subscription in created as below. Subscription prints at opening as it should but when I manually edit something in my parseserver nothing prints in the console. I expected it should print every time something changes in the database.

  created: function() {

  methods: {
    initSubscription: async function() {
      const MyClass= parse.Object.extend("MyClass");
      const query = new parse.Query(MyClass);
      // do a bit of filtering so only display row where the column "myColumn" matches "thisValue"
      query.equalTo("myColumn", "thisValue");

      // create a subscription
      let subscription= await query.subscribe();
      // THIS PRINTS
      subscription.on("open", () => {
        console.log("subscription opened");

      subscription.on("create", object => {
        console.log("object created", object);
      subscription.on("update", object => {
        console.log("object updated", object);
      subscription.on("enter", object => {
        console.log("object entered", object);

What am I doing wrong?

I had this guide as reference

Your query is query but below that you are using queryWand

queryWand.equalTo("myColumn", "thisValue");

Are you manually changing items in mongo or are you using another client / Parse Dashboard to do so?

Oh. Just a typo. I rewrote it a bit for the forumpost. It edited my post

I do it manually by ssh into my docker

İf you directly modify objects in database livequery doesn’t work. Objects needs to be created/updated through parse server. Also if you are using multiple parse servers behind a load balancer you need to use redis server. Try modify/create objects with dashboard

I restarted everything and now it works! I changed the values using the dashboard. Thanks!