Live query on flutter apps

Iam create server with parse example here then use parse_server_sdk_flutter

Flutter Config

initServer() async {
  await Parse().initialize({AppID}, {ParseServerUrl},
      clientKey: {ParseClientKey},
      debug: true,
      coreStore: await CoreStoreSharedPrefsImp.getInstance(),
      liveQueryUrl: {LiveQueryUrl},
      autoSendSessionId: true);

//My Live Query Init:
void initState(){
queryChatList = QueryBuilder<ParseObject>(ParseObject('Messages'))
      ..whereEqualTo('idMsg', idMsg)


void startLiveList() async {
    debugPrint('init live');
    subscription = await liveQuery.client.subscribe(queryChatList);
    subscription.on(LiveQueryEvent.create, (value) {
      debugPrint('*** CREATE ***: ${}\n $value ');

    subscription.on(LiveQueryEvent.update, (value) {
      debugPrint('*** UPDATE ***: ${}\n $value ');

    subscription.on(LiveQueryEvent.delete, (value) {
      debugPrint('*** DELETE ***: $value ');

Server Config:

let config = {
        databaseURI: 'mongodb://localhost:27017/dev',
        cloud: __dirname + '/cloud/main.js',
        appId: 'AppId',
        masterKey: 'masterKey',
        serverURL: 'http://localhost:1337/srv',
        liveQuery: {
          classNames: ['Messages'],
         redisURL: "redis://localhost:6379"

let liveQueryServerOptions ={
		"appId": "AppId",
		"masterKey": "masterKey",
		"redisURL": "redis://localhost:6379",
		"websocketTimeout": 10000,
		"cacheTimeout": 36000000,
		"logLevel": "VERBOSE"

let api = new ParseServer(config);

var httpServer = require('http').createServer(app);
   		httpServer.listen(1337,function () {
    		console.log('server running on port 1337');

My Log on dashboard:

2022-09-27T13:59:58.400Z - Can not find client undefined on disconnect
2022-09-27T13:59:58.399Z - Client disconnect: undefined
2022-09-27T13:54:29.959Z - Can not find client undefined on disconnect
2022-09-27T13:54:29.958Z - Client disconnect: undefined
  1. {ParseClientKey}, are we define this key on server side?
  2. My LiveQuery not detect changes on my class ‘Messages’ define on server, what wrong with my code, any tutorial or step by step on flutter?