LiveQueryClientEvent Disconnected

Hey everyone I recently moved to my own server I’ve installed Parse-Server and everything is working. My app is connected to it but my LiveQuery is not working. I’ve open port 1338 to listen out for livequery I’ve tried everything but I can’t seem to get it to connect to the app is there anything special I have to do with my server?
I’m running it on Debian 12 and using the latest parse_server_sdk 7.0.0 and * Parse-SDK-Flutter 8.0.0

In my app, I keep getting this error

flutter: LiveQuery: : Error: SocketException: Connection failed (OS Error: No route to host, errno = 65), address =, port = 1338

flutter: LiveQueryReconnectingController: Retry timer set to 10000ms

flutter: LiveQueryReconnectingController: LiveQueryClientEvent.disconnected

Please help, thanks