Login API returns null - Parse Flutter SDK


I am using “parse_server_sdk_flutter: ^7.0.1” . Signup API worked and data got added to the Back4app data base but when I am using Login API it returns null. Below is the code and response.

imported package :-
import ‘package:parse_server_sdk_flutter/parse_server_sdk_flutter.dart’;

Login code: -
final user = ParseUser(userName, password, null);
var response = await user.login();
if (response.success) {
print(“Login success”);
} else {

flutter: ╰–
flutter: ╭-- Parse Response
Class: _User
Function: ParseApiRQ.login
Status Code: -1
Type: OtherCause
Error: {}
flutter: {}

Can anyone help me on this.

Thanks in Advance.