Looking to hire a parse guru

My company is looking for a Parse guru, this would ideally be a long-term relationship probably as a consultant to start with but potentially turn into a full time position next year.

What we need is someone that really understands both the efficiency & security side of Parse especially under heavy load/usage with a lot of moving parts.

We’re getting close to releasing a small application as kind of a trial run to proof Parse as a solution for a much larger project we’re working on. This would be an ideal thing to bring someone in and if it’s a good fit carry directly into the other project.

To be clear we are NOT looking for a low paid fivr type thing, we are willing to compensate well for the right person.

Feel free to reply here if interested and I can get contact info over to you.

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My team and I only operate in France but I would be happy to answer any Parse question by message, here, or through Google Meet.

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Hey, I just wanted to share my excitement about becoming a Parse Server guru! :tada: After countless hours of coding, optimizing schemas, and diving deep into cloud code, I can confidently say that Parse Server is my domain.
Also, developed many projects with parse. And I write my own parse-server cache library npm parse-cache-memory

If you want to contact me please reach me anywhere!

Hello @sfraise,

I have good experience with Parse Server and React Native. Mostly I write cloud code to keep the business logic secure and architect it well so only send the data which is required. If you want we can get on a call and will show you my past projects on Parse Server.

Currently I am available and looking for long term opportunity.

Thank You

Happy to throw my hat into the ring. I’ve built a few enterprise grade apps on parse including one that servers 100s of thousands of users. Also I can help with your other question on the other thread.

Shoot me an email.

[email protected] if interested.

Easier to discuss that way.

I sent but I couldn’t get an answer.