Making New App in Parse From Dashboard


We are trying to find a way to make a new app from the dashboard. Currently, our dashboard is running on the Ubunto machine with Google cloud.

I’m happy to pay for the service If someone is available to do it.

Thanks in Advance

You can’t create apps from dashboard. First you create app then add it to dashboard.

But can’t we add custom js to be able to create apps from dashboard? I need to know how/where we can start?

I don’t know if this is possible.

Or you can use parse server directly. Docker installition is pretty easy. But I couldn’t configure docker. So I switched back to example parse server

I literally don’t understand the last part. If you can help me understand or do this as a paid task will be helpful.


I’m not qualified for paid task. But I can help you with what I know. I assume you have root access for your server.

First install mongo db databse in your server.

Then follow steps in example parse server page.

I already have the dashboard running on instance. What I need to be able to create a new app inside the dashboard.


Open source parse server do not support app creation from parse dashboard.
To manage another app on the same dashboard you need to deploy another parser server instance (Node or Docker, etc…). Then, when you parse server instance is running you can add the app into the parse dashboard configuration.
See here:

We are already doing that. But what we are trying to achieve is a create button to be able to make app from parse dashboard.

  • Can we write custom functions in parse dashboard?
  • Can we customize the look of parse dashboard?


Parse dashboard do not support custom functions, and advanced custom styling.
If you want these features I suggest you to fork the project and work on your own version :+1: