matchesQuery on string Field is it possible?

Hi team,
I want to use matches query,
I have two tables as Attached in the below image .

I have just stored the object Id of student table as a string in Attendance Table .

Do I need to store parse objects instead, to use matchesQuery on the Attendance table?

Is any other ready-to-use method / way to get students’ Attendance details from the second table?

Or I need to itreate each student’s attendance from the second table while querying on the Student table?

Checkout matchesKeyInQuery

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Hi @uzaysan I have tried the below code and it works .

const studentList = new Parse.Query("Students_fmYZHA4qbF");
const attendanceQuery = new Parse.Query("Attendance_fmYZHA4qbF");
attendanceQuery.matchesKeyInQuery("studentId", "objectId", studentList);
const results = await attendanceQuery.find();

How Can I include Student list data in this result? Or do I need to write separate logic to achieve that?