Missing Collection On Dashboard

I created a collection on mongodb but its not appearing on my parse server dashboard.What am i missing

You should add you collection to schema or more easily, create a class with same name using dashboard

Thanks for the reply uzaysan. Im pretty new on parse. How do i add the collection to schema.

Open parse dashboard and create a new class with the same name.

İf you don’t want to use dashboard, you can use mongo compass for visual database editor. Connect it to your database. Click on _SCHEMA collection. You can see the existing classes there. Just make another for your new collection.

Oh i see, my approach is a bit different. I am creating the collection in a versioning framework e.g mongodb-migrate. See an example below

var mongodb = require('mongodb');

const indexes = [
        "key": {"_p_toUser": 1, "_rperm": 1, "postDate": -1, "_updated_at": -1},
        "background": true

exports.up = function (db, next) {
        .then((collection) => {
            return collection.createIndexes(indexes);
        .then(() => next())
        .catch(e => next(e));

exports.down = function(db, next){

I wonder if what im trying to do is even possible. That is to create collections programmatically in a mongo database.

Are you migrating your database to a new server?

No,we want each developers database to be the same