MongoDB 7 safe with current parse-server?

Is anyone successfully using parse-server 6 with MongoDB 7?

How about parse-server 5?

Our MongoDB host is going to auto-migrate us from v6 to v7 soon, and I see that official support for MongoDB 7 is in parse-server 7 which is still in alpha.

Just wondering how concerned I should be.

Note, we are currently on parse-server 5 but could upgrade to 6 if needed.

Parse-server officially supports Mongo 7.0

Thank you for the response.
I had misinterpreted that chart. I thought the second column was the parse-server version needed to support the version of MongoDB in the first column. But I see now that the first two columns both refer to MongoDB versions.

So unlike PostgreSQL, there shouldn’t be another column in the MongoDB chart indicating which version of parse-server is needed for compatibility? So the assumption is that reasonably recent versions of parse-server support MongoDB 7?

Thanks again.

But looking again, I’m still confused.
Here, mtrezza states, “Parse Server 7 will be compatible.”

Additionally, that MongoDB compatibility chart only lists MongoDB 7 on the alpha branch.

So I think the initial question still remains:
How safe is it to run parse-server 6 (or 5) with MongoDB 7?

Yes, sorry I see now. I look up the alpha branch.

@thedrew I have good news. If you are currently using Parse Server 6 you should be able to use MongoDB 7 by upgrading to Parse Server 7.0.0-alpha.1 without any issues.

While 7.0.0.-alpha.1 is a new major release version that does contain a single breaking change compared to the latest release of Parse Server 6, it’s for a feature that most deployments are unlikely to use, see the release notes of 7.0.0-alpha.1 to find out whether it affects you.

We made that deliberately as the first alpha release so that developers who want to use MongoDB 7 but don’t have the time to address all breaking changes in the first stable release of Parse Server 7 can at least upgrade to the first alpha version.

Note that we do not plan to add official MongoDB 7 support to Parse Server 6, but if anyone from the community wants to open a PR (which should be easy by looking at the alpha release), we’ll be happy to review and merge.