Mongodb vs Postgresql - Which one performs better?

I was looking articles about mongo vs postgres since they are two supported database by Parse Server. Parse server documents suggest me to use mongodb. But when I see some articles and comments on this, everyone recommend postgres. They say sql database performs better especially if data is relational.

but parse server docs says postgress has no advantage over mongo.

Now I’m confused. Parse recommend mongo while everyone else(on web) says opposite. Is this parse specific? Which one is better?

In case of Parse Server, a well indexed Mongo will perform better since when Parse was not open source, the database behind the service was MongDB (with a special storage engine).

The code base , and architecture is designed for Mongo ( and specialy NoSQL database). Postgres was added because in 2016, noSQL databases were not popular as today. And postgres database services were cheaper than Mongo services also.

Another suggestion, Mongo is the preferred database, some features are not well covered or fully supported at this time on postgres, some bugs can exists on postgres and not on mongo.


Thanks. My concern is actually i have read a lot of bad articles about mongo. But they are 4 years ago at least. They say mongo is unstable, randomly lose data sometimes simple query takes forever to execute etc…

But like i said they are from 2015 and before. Does mongo have this issues? What’s the current situation?

Edit: does postgres uses tables or jsonb for parse server?

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