Moving on

You may have already seen the post detailing my departure from the project. I wanted to just write a short personal message here, as I will miss being involved with the project and it wasn’t an easy decision.

As the post said over recent months I have been much busier and with new commitments soon I would no longer be able to give much time to the project. Unfortunately though, I felt the need to move on completely and immediately due to a combination of factors which lead to an increasingly challenging internal environment which, for me, made being involved with the project stressful and a source of anxiety. Disconnecting from the project on a recent holiday gave me the clarity to realise I had to step back.

Some of these issues have been discussed so hopeful it can be a learning experience for all parties (it certainly has been for me).

It has been a great pleasure working with and getting to know many contributors, members of the community and of course the core team :raised_hands:. I’ve heard there is now an open role for ‘picky English proofreader’!

I hope that the community can continue to preserve and improve upon it’s meritocratic governance, transparent decision making, welcoming vibe and remember that open source is hard, every contributor is giving their time to improve on the awesome work of those who came before. Every contribution should be appreciated and respected as the project wouldn’t exist without them :heart:


PSA - It’s quite possible after posting this I’ll think I should’ve written most of this differently (or not at all!) but I didn’t want to sod off without saying why & goodbye - so bear that in mind…