Need help with password reset flow

I’ve tried to setup password reset functionality using the parse-server-generic-email-adapter

I’ve now successfully triggered an e-mail. The generated e-mail looks something like this:


You requested to reset your password for ParseApp (your username is ‘CoolUsername2000’).

Click here to reset it:

Unfortunately the link doesn’t work. I cant find anything in the documentation about at which endpoint parse receives password reset links and how they are handled. Is the url in the link correct? How can I verify that it is?

If someone could help me understand the details of my problem, I’d be willing to contribute to the documentation to clarify the aspects related to my problem.

First off, the link is created by Parse Server, so if you do not manipulate that URL through the adapter, it shouldn’t matter which email adapter you use.

The link follows this syntax:


If you already enabled the new PagesRouter, the URL may look different depending on your configuration.

There can be several reasons why the link “does not work”, so I suggest to investigate whether the request even reaches Parse Server and if so, what the logs say.

Thanks for the advice!

I now tried the url in a browser running incognito mode and then it works fine.

The reason in my case is related to running my site as a PWA and the serviceworker seems to “catch” the url, not letting it through to parse.
I was able to resolve the issue by excluding the url in the workbox configuration