Need to finish 2.x 4.x migration - to hire

I have two apps, my old iOS app using 2.x client and server SDK.
I have a beta app using 4.x client and server SDK

I tired just pointing the database to the production database but I get a user error.

How can I solve this?

Thank you

What is the error? What does your User object look like? Without information, its hard to tell.

[PFUser logInWithUsernameInBackground:email
block:^(PFUser *user, NSError *error){

[db] Failed to initialize client context with error Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-10817 “(null)” UserInfo={_LSFunction=_LSSchemaConfigureForStore, ExpectedSimulatorHash={length = 32, bytes = 0x4322f128 2f4f389a e5ffa483 … 6dc7cee8 1ac39181 }, _LSLine=405, WrongSimulatorHash={length = 32, bytes = 0x0eb52551 1601d7aa bc61b219 … 94a7e517 048ecede }}

I am willing to hire someone to complete the code migration.

Thank you