New "score" property in ParseObject

So I just updated to the latest version of ParseSwift 3.1.0 and got this error on my ParseObjects.

I was wondering what the best use case for it and why it was added. I was looking at the commit and didn’t see any explanation for it.

Is it the lower the number, the more priority it has on matchesText()?


The screenshot you posted shows the comment for score which shows up in the documentation. The PR that made the score addition links to the Parse Server issue/PR that added score on the server side

If you look at matchesText in the documentation it states:

In order to sort you must use Query.sortByTextScore() . To retrieve the weight/rank, access the “score” property of your ParseObject .

The explanation for why it was added to a ParseObject as a key and why it’s a breaking change is in the ParseObject documentation:

The Playgrounds shows how to use it:

If you have trouble fixing your error, directions are in the release:

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I think I got the gist of it. So it’s basically there for when we use matchesQuery.

Thanks again :slight_smile: