Nginx / loadbalancing and Parse-Server 101 advice please

hi all,

I’ve only recently heard about NGINX and load balancing and was wondering at what point should I actually bring it into my setup?

Currently only really developing locally on my mac with and a staging area on heroku. But seems like I need to look into nginx eventually. So I was looking for advice on probably some best resources to incorporate NGINX and Parse-Server together.

I didn’t see anything about nginx in the parse-server docs (aside from one link to livequery with nginx). Does that mean nginx is only needed if you’re using livequery?

Any advice on best practices with nginx and Parse-Server would be appreciated because I don’t know where to start as of now.

There is no difference in any kind of application setup with nginx neither on Parse-server.
You can use Nginx for load balancing.
For ex. if you have a multiple parse-service instance. You can put it in front of these.
Just an example.

thank you! will get to nginx near launching of the app then :slight_smile:

Yes, also you can do a lot of things. Like that nginx(https) proxy to HTTP (your app).

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