No-code/Low-code friendly Parse

Hi everyone. I was wondering if there’s an existing/potential way/plan to make Parse server a no-code/low-code friendly platform.

What i mean is, today we have numerous modern BaaS platforms that are catering to the Citizen developers (or just, more developer friendly) clientele, by providing simple no-code/low-code interfaces to operate the Backend.

E.g. of such BaaS platforms:

  • Budibase (Open source)
  • Saltcorn (Open source)
  • Appsmith (Open source)
  • Xano
  • Backendless
  • Busywork
  • Knack
  • Tadabase
  • Caspio
    and more…

Some important BaaS features that greatly reduce time & complexity in the no-code/low-code context (visual/block programming format + out-of-the-box options for standard operations) and are mostly missing in Parse:

  • Applying advanced Validation rules to fields
  • Applying Conditional Actions/Triggering workflows/code for each field
  • Creating triggers/workflows for App level & Class level purposes
  • Creating standard functions visually/selecting from out-of-the-box options
  • Connecting to external data sources/creating cloud functions visually
  • Set ACLs, CLPs visually

These are only some of the (big pain-point) differences that I’ve experienced amongst these various platforms.

While I’ve appreciated the mature features (and the open source availability) from Parse, in the context of modern BaaS solutions, it’s becoming a rather painful job to still write code for every small thing that has already been ‘visualised’ by others, particularly Field-related things (validations & triggers).

Probably, an overhaul of the Dashboard and addition of these features there could take us a step closer. Libraries like Google’s Blockly can also be integrated to make this transition faster.

I wish i could contribute in terms of the actual code, but my programming skills are only enough to use the Parse platform, and not to create code to run it. (Hence, the desire for no-code/low-code solutions). I hope that the Parse community takes this up eventually. A lot of parties will benefit significantly, from such a transition, in my opinion.

Do let me know if you have any questions or correct me if i’m wrong in my opinions.


Great question and analysis thanks @shrey. I also think we can do parse-server more user friendly as it has a very good base already and it’s fairly stable.

@shrey this is an interesting topic. Perhaps we could combine our other product here somehow -

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