Node-apn problem, send hangs


we have problems while using the node-apn fork from parse community. We are sending around 1000000 notifications, separeted to different sub-jobs and some of them just hang while sending after calling
apnProvider.send() … we don’t get an answer/callback.
The problem was happen really often end of last year and the whole year it worked fine - and beginning last weekend the problem came back - without any change on our side :frowning:

We implemented a workaround last year, a watchdog that sees the hanging process after 30 seconds and stops it, but this is a bad solution. I wanted to ask if someone has any idears to fix it or to find out the real reason. I dont get a error event or something … we tested different nodejs versions and working on ubuntu server - also tested differend versions.

best regards, Tony

Are you using the latest version of node-apn?


Yes I do …

I read about fixes with http2 but it still happens … should I get an event should the lib reconnect the break itself?

I don’t think there is any event that fires when the connection breaks. I’ve committed one more improvement this week. Would you mind to try the version in the master branch?

Hi. Thanks - Yes I will test it in the next 2 days.