NOOB help - I'm a total JS beginner who needs help writing some very simple cloud code

I’m using as a backend for a project I’ve build in AppGyver. To take my app to the next level I need some really simple cloud code but I’ve never coded in JS and I don’t really even understand the integration between sashido and github. What i really need is an hour of someones time to walk me though how the dots join up.

let me know if you can help.

Hiya :wave:

For hands on support, as a customer of Sashido your best bet would be to contact them. Alternatively, if you could share more specifically what you are hoping to do in Cloud Code, I’m sure someone could help you along code wise.

You might want to take a look at How to start using GitHub with SashiDo (for beginners). The Sashido GitHub integration just allows you to push your Cloud Code to GitHub which is then pulled into your Sashido Parse Server instance.

I would also suggest checking out our Cloud Code Guide | Parse which goes through the basics of Cloud Functions, Jobs and Triggers.

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