Novel community organising (mobile-first) app for political campaing looking for contributors


thanks everyone for building such an awesome product and running such an amazing community! Highly appreciate the spirit and work you’ve all been doing. Thanks heaps :pray: .

I myself already reached out here and gotten great help on the novel community organizing (in the political sense) App we are building for the federal elections here in Germany - called Affinity, and I thought why not take the opportunity in the marketplace category to reach out and look for people interested in helping and contributing more consistently.

About Affinity

Affinity is a social organizing network for progressive political organizations. The core idea is that people come together in Team that generally have two main aspects of work: organising and communication as a group effort. Thus, the app centers around the idea that you have many members in your orbit, that casually check what is currently important to the initiative they care about, and that the existing team wants to continuously pull closer to themselves - we are working with the obit model for thinking about community growth.

The app therefore has sections of gradually increasing “bond-ness” between the individual and the organisation in question: a regular, casual newsfeed of their latest updates (think “newsletter”-group, but made for the phone instead of E-Mail), information/FAQs up to a social feed within the team, where the entire community can post, discuss, upload pictures and take part in polls, become “online” organisers. Teams can also have sub-teams once a group forms inside the organisation that works on a specific purpose or towards a specific goal. Thus any one user can also be part of any number of teams


We are working on using Affinity as a mobile-first, grass-roots, casual organizing tool to not only run a political campaign for Franka Kretschmer, PhD for the federal elections, but empower the constituents to become organisers themselves, give them a tool to congregate, discuss issue most pressing to them and help them get the ball going to actually change stuff. You can see it in a pre-rollout under (best viewed on a mobile).

the tech stack

As this is meant for a diverse group of people, mainly volunteers, who do this outside of regular work, the entire tool is mobile-first in tech, design and expectation. We are building it using the JS-Parse-SDK and Ionic with capacitor to build Android and iOS-apps. The frontend is entirely the same across all instances, including Web, using Vue3 with Vuex and the Router. Obviously we are using Parse in the Backend, hosted on .

Tech-wise, there is nothing too special here, it is mainly about actually implementing expected features in a user-friendly manner (think your otherwise only WhatsApp and Facebook-Using Father has to be able to get it) in the most practical way the existing tech stack allows for. (Though thinking further down the line, I’d also like to contribute major features back to parse/vue we are missing, like web-push-notifications or web-component support)

Project management

As this a bottom-up, grass-roots effort, work is mainly done by volunteers - this includes myself, who is doing this aside from my full-time job. We currently organise ourselves through Github Issues, projects and milestones, but for people, who are effective in the previously mentioned technologies, we might also be able to carve out specific parts and get some funding going.

If you have questions about the project, feel free to ask here, and if you interested in helping out, hit me up with a DM!


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