Official Discord server?

Hi Guys,

Currently there is no way to chat/talk to other members

GitHub issues are very good to keep a public record of everything, but not everything need to be discussed here.

New community members can have a hard time to get answers.

For the moderators @dplewis, @mtrezza, just let me know and ill add you as Admin(s). I really would like to make this “official” for the benefit of the community.

If you are OK with this, i can submit a few PRs to add links to the server to the README(s) and Github Issue template

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We currently do have slack and you can currently message people privately through the forum too. I also know Davi and others are frequently on StackOverflow answering Parse related questions.

I know Diamond, Manuel, Tom, Davi and others already have a fair bit to do with maintaining the core packages and SDKs so I’m not sure if them maintaining it is the best way to allocate resources.

On the other hand, if the discord helps people learn the Parse platform and solve issues, I’m all for it.

That’s great, I don’t know a slack channel existed, is it shared anywhere ?

If so, there is no need to have a separate Discord.

For anyone who wants to join the Slack you can use this invite.

@sadortun we are happy to share the link with anyone who asks but we don’t currently promote it on official channels. Personally I would welcome PRs to add it to GH readmes, but I’m not sure about the issue template.

Although there is the occasional Q&A on the Slack group I see it as a place for chat as Stack Overflow and the forum are much more suited to Q&A.

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I think we should require a 3rd party forum to display a disclaimer, that it is not officially supported by / affiliated with the Parse Platform. Everyone is free to start their own forum, but there are some scenarios we want to prevent:

  • impersonation by unauthorized use of logo and/or “Parse” trademark in an unofficial 3rd party forum (if we allow that, we may loose IP rights)
  • someone posts a security vulnerability on another forum, falsely assuming that the forum is officially supported, and that vulnerability is half-public but unknown to the repo maintainers
  • someone mistakes a comment as an official statement from core maintainers because there are people appearing as “admins” on that other forum

I think it would make sense to make a feature comparison between our current Community Forum, Slack and Discord and evaluate a consolidation. We also would have to look into plans, usage limitations and the small print.

@Manuel Ok. I deleted the unnoficial discord, and removed links in posts.

Sorry about that I had no way of knowing you already had a Slack channel.

I think your idea is definitely worth discussing. @Tom is probably the most capable in that regard, with his in-depth knowledge about the forum and its capabilities. We would also move from self-hosted to aaS, which is another interesting aspect.

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