Oracle MBaaS Based on Parse

Hi Parse Community,

Over the last 6 months, the team has been working on a Parse storage Adapter for Oracle Autonomous Database. We have released a POC that provisions Parse Server and the Dashboard to a Kubernetes Cluster that is configured to hit an Oracle Cloud Database. More can be found here:

and here

We hope to merge the Oracle Storage Adapter into the public Parse repository as soon as I can get all the tests to pass.

Let us know what you think and happy MBaaS’ing


Hi Dough, that’s amazing to hear! Let us know how testing goes; if helpful we can post a tweet on our @ParsePlatform account to invite developers to help you with testing.

Hi Manuel,
That is all great and appreciated.
We have some work still to do.
Been running the suites in /spec
Hoping to get this completed within the first half of the year.
I am new to this so what would be the steps in getting the Oracle Storage Adapter integrated into the project? Pass all test suites? idk
And if you could tell folks about it @ParsePlatform, again greatly appreciated

Hi Doug,

I’ve been trying do this for a while with my MySql Adapter but didn’t have time. I believe there is a way to grab the /spec and override helper file. I’ll look into it as there is a plan to move adapters to a separate repo

We currently have all DB adapters inside the Parse Server repository. We plan to move the adapters into separate repositories (or convert everything into a mono-repository), but that hasn’t happened yet. You are right that technically you’d want to run all the tests in Parse Server using the Oracle DB adapter. We don’t have a concept yet for how to do that.

The tests are specified to run for either MongoDB or Postgres. Even the test syntax is tailored to these 2 adapters, which allows to define to run a test for only a certain adapter or even a certain version of the adapter. Maybe we’d have to redesign the test syntax to be more adapter agnostic.

For example instead of adding the adapter definition to the test, the adapter could define which tests to run and which to ignore via a config file that is part of the adapter. Then the Oracle DB adapter could import Parse Server as a dev dependency, add itself as DB adapter and the tests would run according to the adapter’s config file. Just an idea, but again, there is no clear concept yet.

What would you like to communicate? Should people test the adapter, or what should be the call to action? Maybe we should solve the testing issue above first before we invite a lot of developers. And maybe let’s also try to address the license questions at some point which we talked about briefly some time ago, to bring more legal clarity for developers.

As far as testing goes, we have been working in the current structure and its working fine, we have about 1800 passing.

I would like to communicate the Oracle support for Parse and, possibly have folks kick the tires. Or wait.
If you are suggesting having the Parse Community help fix tests, well, that would be great. It would require getting the code merged sooner rather than later. Please let me know next steps

What legal clarity?

I think we talked about license / copyright questions some time ago here in the forum.

Hey Manuel,

No worries. I was away for surgery but back at it
I continue to fix the test suites in the meantime


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Hi Dough, great to see you back! Let me know if you need anything…

Hi Manuel,

I think i am ready to start the process to upstream the Oracle Storage Adapter code.
I am building against 6.2 release and I have 2528 tests passing.

Please let me know next steps


@ddrechse Hi Dough, that’s impressive, congrats on that. Do you want to add it to the Parse Server repo (Apache 2.0 license) or make it available as an external repository at Oracle?

Hi Manuel,

My name is Doug :slightly_smiling_face:
Our intention is to add the Oracle Storage Adapter to Parse Server repo (Apache 2.0 license)
All the new code is in src/Adapters/Storage/Oracle

Let me know next stesp

Hi Doug (without h of course - apologies for the typo),

Do you have a repo to share so we can take a look at how you currently implemented the tests?

If you don’t want to share it publicly yet (i.e. if it doesn’t have an official license at this point), please feel free to ping me on Slack @Manuel. A chat on Slack may also be more convenient to discuss in more detail about what’s needed to merge it into the repo.