Parse 2.8.4 and mongo 4.4

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I have a bit of a complex situation, we have some code still running on 2.8.4 and we have a forced upgrade to 4.4 coming in from mongodb atlas and I was wondering what the compatibility for each version of parse vs mongo version is. I cannot find this information as some of the old migration docs are lost in time, see: parse-server/ at 3.0.0 · parse-community/parse-server · GitHub (if anyone has the actual links to the process would be amazing).

So I was wondering, what minimum version of parse do I need for 4.4 compatibility?
And, is there a version to upgrade the mongodb drivers while keeping parse to the ancient 2.8.4?


The compatible MongoDB versions are listed in the README of each version of the Parse Server repository. The compatibility is derived from which MongoDB versions we are testing Parse Server with before publishing a release. Note that this only refers to the features Parse Server itself is using internally, not the custom MongoDB features you may be using in your code, for example specific aggregation pipeline commands or custom driver options that you may be passing directly to the MongoDB Node.js driver. The minimum currently supported version is Parse Server 5; we do not recommend do upgrade to Parse Server <5 as these versions are not actively maintained anymore.

Hi Manuel, Thank you very much for your kind reply.

Just as a FYI, the MongoDB compatibility table is in the readme since version 5. Any version prior to that has no explicit compatibility with MongoDB listed. I checked each release tag readme.

I will attempt an upgrade to version 5 then. Thanks

For older versions that do not have a compatibility table in the README, you can infer the compatibility from the CI in the file .github/workflows/ci.yml. The table in the README only mirrors the tests in that file to communicate the compatibility in a more readable way.

For example for Parse Server 4.10.20 you would look at the check-mongo job:

      fail-fast: false
          - name: Mongo 4.0.4, ReplicaSet, WiredTiger
            MONGODB_VERSION: 4.0.4
            MONGODB_TOPOLOGY: replicaset
            MONGODB_STORAGE_ENGINE: wiredTiger
            NODE_VERSION: 10
          - name: Mongo 3.6.21
            MONGODB_VERSION: 3.6.21
            NODE_VERSION: 10
          - name: Redis Cache
            PARSE_SERVER_TEST_CACHE: redis
            NODE_VERSION: 10
          - name: Node 12.12.0
            NODE_VERSION: 12.12.0

There you can see that Parse Server was tested with MongoDB versions 4.0.4, 3.6.21.

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