Parse dashboard 5.0 bug report screen goes white

Just want to let you know that on parse v5.0 when you try to create an array or object column manually via the UI the screen goes blank white. On v4.2 it works normally. Thank you.

Didn’t realize 5.0 was released.

Having work with it a few days now, would you suggest upgrading from 4.2?

4.2 answers my needs, so I use 4.2

Cool. So far I haven’t had problems with 4.2 as well. I’ll keep an eye on 5.0 development.

thanks sir.

I’m getting the same error, but only with GeoPoint types. We’re on ParseDashboard v5.0.0 and ParseServer v5.4.0.

On my localhost, I did an “Emtpy Cache and Hard Reload” and it resolved the issue. On our dev and production servers, that did not help and I continue to get the same error.

Did you guys report the issue over at Parse Dashboard repo on github?

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