Parse Dashboard for Mobile

Parse Server is the “Low-code backend to build modern apps” so it seems a bit strange to me that there’s no solid mobile dashboard support, whether that be via dashboard, or an open source app. There are many times when I’ve been out and had to check something quickly, and it can be a bit tedious on a mobile device.

The dashboard is great, but it’s not so good for responsive.

I have done a little bit of work in making the dashboard more responsive and easier to use on mobile, but I’m not a react developer so getting a bit stuck.



Is mobile support / improvements something we’d be willing to look into for the Dashboard, and if so, would anyone experienced with React be interested in cleaning up the areas that I haven’t been able to (this is literally the first time i’ve used react).

If you’re keen to collab, i’ll be more than happy to offer my services where I can to make up the differences.