Parse export hashed password

Hello! I am trying to export all the data from Parse, and I am trying to achieve this using the REST API. I successfully accomplished this a few years ago but now, I noticed the data doesn’t include the hashed passwords for users. Is there a special flag I need to include in the request so that the passwords are also inlcuded in the dump?

you can dump with db tools

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Can you be more specific? What DB tools?

There is a new key called the maintenanceKey which gives you an even greater access scope than the masterKey. You could try to see if passwords are included, not sure.

Otherwise you can dump the data directly from the DB, without going through the Parse Server API, either with normal DB queries or using tools according to the DB you are using. For MongoDB you could use mongodump.

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@bogdanflorian it look likes you try to create a backup if you need password hashes ?

as @rgunindi mentionned to way to go is to connect directly to the DB and perform a MongoDB or Postgres dump depending of your database. Also it’s way more reliable in case of a restore.

Hey, thank you all for the replies. I went with the DB dumps. That was the solution. Thank you again.

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