Parse File not compiling wth Xcode 13.0


We are having some compiling error with the latest Xcode 13.0.

In “PFActionButton” file that it says:

Use of undeclared identifier ‘_configuration’; did you mean ‘configuration’?

and compiling stops.

We don’t have this problem in older Xcode (up to 12.5.1).

Have any of you encounter this issue?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Would you mind to share the piece of code throwing the exception and the complete stack trace?


Thanks for your reply!

Here is the piece of code throwing the exception (in PFActionButton.m):

We have been using parse server for a few years with different Xcode versions, but never had this problem before…

The same iOS App compiles without issue under Xcode 12.5.1.

About the the stack trace, we don’t get to the point where we see lldb in the debugger window in this case.

Thanks a lot for your help!


When I click the error, here is what it shows:

This issue is already open on the SDK.

I recommend reading through the PR and if you can provide help, chime in. From the responses it seems some developers are using the branch that opened the PR.


Thanks a lot for sharing this link! I will take a look at it.