Parse Install on VPS Server


I’ve just signed up on Back4App, I’d rather run this on my own server (VPS) currently. Is anyone able to help and install and set this up for me?

Thank you

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If you are using docker containers is very straightforward. Otherwise, you will have to setup your node environment and database connection. Are you using parse over express?

Hi this is all new to me, all I know is I’ve got a vps with Plesk installed

Ok, so I’ll recommend you use Back4App services because to get running parse on your own VPS you’ll have to have knowledge on how parse works, how to configure it, etc. So I think a hosted parse server is better for you.

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İf you have root access first you should install node js. Then look at the example parse server.

And you need mongo db installed. You need it for parse server. You can install it to your server and use it locally or you can get a free sandbox from mlab or MongoDb atlas.

I’m able to set this up on an AWS or GCS instance for you. Reach out.

I can help you to install parse server in your vps.

Ubuntu 18.xx
Storage 20GB min
2GB RAM min
50GB Bandwidth min ( without cpanel )

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pls help me i need install

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Hello, you can contact me on email :
kudukancil [@] gmail com