Parse JS ParseInstallation

Hello, I’m trying to make Push Notifications work but can’t seem to. I noticed that my Parse server does not create installation objects when I open the app, that class is always empty. I also tried to create an Installation manually and set the deviceToken but I didn’t get Push Notifications anyway. I tested through Firebase Messaging and Push work. I’m developing a React Ionic app (so javascript) and testing on an android phone and web.

Did you add any code to save the installation on your app? Can you share how you are doing that?

I didn’t as of this moment. I’m trying to implement push notifications on a ReactJS app (they work with firebase) but I have found no documentation for the Parse JS SDK regarding ParseInstallation. If you could help me making the Push Notifications work I would be glad. Thank you

It’s little bit tricky. Take a look at steps 3 and 4 of this guide: Push Notifications for React Native on Android | Back4app Guides

I set up my parseInstallation, but still don’t receive anything! Do you have any idea why? I really can’t wrap my head around this

What do you see on your push logs?