Parse JS (React Native) with Redux Persist

I’m currently using Parse JS in React Native and activated the Redux Persist feature with AsyncStorage to store the state which also includes many Parse Objects. The problem is now that if I fetch for example a file (image) I can access the url by something like “parseobjectname.attributes.url._url” however if the app persists this now, using Redux, and I read it without fetching from Parse again, I get undefined. Seems that “attributes” does not exist anymore. The output of the JSON shows that there is an url but no such "attributes"field (I believe it is some kind of magic that cannot be persisted). Is there any way to persist the Parse Objects in a way that I can use them again as Parse Objects if read from Redux store?

Btw. same happens if I use “parseobjectname.get(“url”)._url” as get is also not defined after persistence.

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