Parse object array is missing attributes!

I use parse.object to make an object. I store an attribute which is an array of children objects. I then call save.

While I still have my parent object in memory, I call parent.get(“arrayattribute”), all of the children come back as pointers, but they are missing all of their custom data as if I were performing a query and forgot to call .include(“member”). Why would this be happening? I feel like if I have to call query when I already have the object then that is incorrect and clunky.

This is what i expect when I call the this.get…

      "ans1Goals": 1,
      "ans2Goals": 2,
      "ansSpectators": 21400,
      "createdAt": "2015-10-05T11:00:38.447Z",
      "position": 1,
      "updatedAt": "2015-10-27T10:18:55.294Z",
      "objectId": "39QCu6oTBx"

and this is what I receive:

      "__type": "Pointer",
      "className": "Answers",
      "objectId": "39QCu6oTBx"

Would you mind to share the code?