Parse Server 5.0.0 - correct way to configure database schema hooks?

Hi Guys, I need some help!

I’m trying to update to 5.0.0, we have multiple parse-server instance and I’m setting env variable


I was expecting to see some printout in the startup log to indicate that the option was set correctly, the only difference I saw was that without setting the option we get this in the logs:

databaseOptions: {"useNewUrlParser":true,"useUnifiedTopology":true}

and after setting the option, we don’t see any “databaseOptions:…” in the logs. Is that expected behavior?

What is a quick way to verify that I have this setting on correctly?

Additional question - do we still need to configure Redis cache adapter if we enable database schema hooks?

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The fact of loosing the other db options looks a bug to me. Would you mind to open an issue on the Parse Server repo?

I believe that Redis cache adapter can still be used for other caches, such as Users, Roles, and GraphQL options.

was this ever filed as a bug? also seeing the same issue

@tomwilsond1 You could do a quick search for existing issues on GitHub, and if there isn’t any open a new one.