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Hello, I use parse server locally with mongodb. I able to save image, audio and video. I can read image with url : http://localhost:1337/parse/files/myAppId/163ab0afef3f3ee609f098fb60bdb917_trim.749B4F97-C100-414F-BA4A-7A7EC51AD952_16760284944457CE7068B-D631-42D8-B61D-76854A5E2B9E_compressed.jpg. But its’ not work with audio and video url. Anyone have a solution for this ? Thank you


I’ve only just started using Parse File too, but have not yet tried storing video or audio. Do you get any kind of error? Are you sure you’re setting the correct mime type when you save it?

Good morning.

No there is no error, the video or the audio is stored correctly and it is possible to obtain the video by downloading with its link. But you can’t stream the video.

I have on a forum that parse server doesn’t currently support this, but I haven’t seen any way to configure it so that it works. You need another type of storage like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud.

Oh right. I thought you meant that the link was totally broken.

Yes, Parse merely stores the file for you. If you want streaming, you’ll need to look at services that give you this functionality.

I’m using Cloudflare Stream for video streaming, in case that’s of use to you. I’ve also configured Parse to use the S3 SDK to store files on Cloudflare’s R2 service (it’s s3 compatible), but of course everyone’s needs are different :slight_smile:

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Ah OK thank you.

I didn’t understand you well, do you host files on cloudfare?:face_with_monocle:

Yes, I host files in Cloudflare R2. You can use the S3 storage adapter to do this.

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