Parse server from hub.docker

Hello guys i try to install Parse-Server on my home server ( unraid ) with docker container from hub docker
Do somebody know how to inject package.json

I tried to move file to cloud/package.json and i get error: Cannot find module
and i hav correct path to cloudCode folder because cloudColde runs.

Please help

here are my parameters
source: parseplatform/parse-server
name: parse-server
Post Argumente: --appId xxx --masterKey xxxx --databaseURI mongodb:// --cloud /parse-server/cloud/main.js --mountGraphQL
-v config : /mnt/user/appdata/parse-server/config/
-v cloud: /mnt/user/appdata/parse-server/cloud/
-p: 1337

Have you tried to follow this?

Thank you for your answer @davimacedo . yes i do, but there is nothing about package.json for cloudCode.
i run my image with following command

docker run 
--name my-parse-server 
-v   mypath/config/:/parse-server/cloud  
-p 1337:1337 
--link my-mongo:mongo 
-d parse-server 
--masterKey MASTER_KEY 
--databaseURI mongodb://mongo/test 
--cloud /parse-server/cloud/main.js

in folder (-v) cloud i have 2 files

// mypath/config/main.js
Parse.Cloud.define("uuid", (request) => {
    return shortid.generate();
// mypath/config/package.json
  "dependencies": {
     "shortid": "^2.2.16"

Guys i have a solution :muscle: if you want to inject node modules to your docker container

  1. you have to define in your local cloud folder package,json with your modules you want to.
  2. you have to run “npm install” to install your dependencies.
    3 run your docker container with -v mypath/config/:/parse-server/cloud --cloud /parse-server/cloud/main.js


Many thanks to developers from Parse Server it is sooooo great system. I LOVE IT :heart:

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